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Aluminum columns combine with aluminum railings on a front porch

Product Advantages & Features

  • Low Maintenance – Superior's columns, railings, and fence provide years of low-maintenance use, with no rusting or corroding, warping or cracking.  Both of our standard finishes - PPG Duracron paint and anodized - meet the technical standards set forth by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.  Which means you’ll save on paint and restoration costs long after your railing system is installed
  • Strength – Superior columns, railings, and fence are built with the cornerstone aluminum alloy of the architectural products industry, 6063, and are designed to meet required federal, state, and local safety codes, including the American with Disabilities Act.  In addition, all columns are load bearing to provide the structural integrity your situation requires.  You can be confident that Superior's products provide the safety and security you expect.
Aluminum fence protects a residential yard
Low-maintenance use, with no rusting or corroding, warping or cracking
  • Value – Superior's columns, railings, and fence offer superb quality at a competitive price, making them perfect for the budget minded architect, contractor, or property owner who refuses to settle for an inferior product.
  • Installation – Aluminum’s lightweight qualities allow for easy handling and placement during the installation process, reducing the time and effort needed.  And since your railings and fence are custom built to fit your application, there is no cutting or bending in the field required.  
  • Elegant Beauty/Appearance – From timeless to contemporary, one of Superior’s product lines will complement and enhance the look of any residential, commercial, or industrial application without distracting from it.

  • Over other Aluminum Manufacturers – The market is flooded with aluminum manufacturers that are concerned with one thing – cost.  Where does this leave the consumer?  With generic, cookie-cutter railing and fence sections made of thin, undersized aluminum tubing that takes a creative genius to fabricate and adapt to fit a project.  Or with aluminum columns that are flimsy and under-engineered for the situation.   Not only will the product you receive from Superior Aluminum be ready to install straight from the box, but it will be manufactured to adhere to the highest standards of quality.

  • Over Steel/Iron – While steel and iron railing systems may cost less at the time of purchase than aluminum, they quickly begin to rust, which degrades the appearance of the product and increases the maintenance cost to repair and re-paint.  These costs over time will negate the initial savings, while adding a significant amount of effort and headache for a maintenance team or property owner
  • Over Vinyl/PVC – Vinyl and PVC columns, railings, and fence are initially attractive due to their low purchase price.  However, these prices require the consumer to sacrifice quality and craftsmanship, as vinyl and PVC products fail to provide the strength and dependability of aluminum.
  • Over Wood – Wood columns and railings (see left side of photo) require constant care to prevent warping, splitting, and cracking, and can degrade in appearance and structural integrity if not properly maintained.  Superior’s products (right) are designed for those who want the beauty of wood without the effort.
Wood railing is chipped and needs repainted while aluminum railing stands strong
Aluminum will not rust, rot, or warp like other materials