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A portion of a custom project drawing with specific measurements to meet jobsite specifications


  • The Customization Process – Each Superior Aluminum railing and fence order is custom built to the customer’s specifications. Our CAD Engineers provide a layout drawing before fabrication, ensuring that our products will be manufactured to perfectly fit your deck, backyard, stairway, or porch – guaranteed.
  • The Advantage – Our CAD drawings take every detail into account, from angles and lengths to wall locations, our team covers everything down to 1/16th of an inch. With these exact specifications, we are able to assist those who install our products by separating all parts of the project. Whether it is separate balconies, buildings, or locations, we are able to identify and prepare for any slight difference or oddity in any area.
  • The Manufacturing Process – Drawings are utilized by the manufacturing team to create a finished product that is exactly what is needed. Field fabrication is virtually non-existent and installation is greatly simplified by providing railings with exact proportions to the job site.
  • Versatility – Have an unconventional idea for your railing or fencing system, but not sure how to make it happen? Our team of engineers is highly skilled and can create anything you envision. From sheet metal designs and X-patterns to custom cable and glass railing systems, our products are designed to be fully adaptable to your ideas.
Portion of a large shop drawing showing multiple units of a large apartment railing project

Want to know exactly how Superior's products are manufactured, from product design to material selection? It’s all available through the Technical Information section. No other manufacturer provides this level of transparency to their customers. This proves our confidence in the design and integrity of the products we offer.