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Custom diamond inserts within square picket railing outside of the Paducah, KY city hall

City of Paducah - City Hall

  •   Posted on April 15, 2019

A Kentucky city hall wanted to keep an old look without the hassle of old materials.... were they successful?


Paducah, KY is a proud city situated on the border of Kentucky and Illinois, halfway between St. Louis and Nashville. A city with a rich history that featured prominently in the civil war, Paducah honored this legacy by building a beautiful new city hall in the early 1960s. The city hall persevered for generations and has become a focal point within the city, so much so that it was named to the National Register of Historic Places in July 20171. Simultaneous to being named to the register, Paducah was beginning the process to rehabilitate their beautiful city hall2.

While the interior presented its own set of challenges, the exterior of city hall is one of the first impressions Paducah makes on visitors and has become a huge focus. A large portion of the challenge lied with rehabilitating a beat-up iron railing system with a unique design. The original providers of the one of a kind railing were long gone and it looked like hope may have been lost for restoring the project to its original glory.

Worn out original railing at Paducah City Hall

City hall railing after removal. The unique diamond and medallion design made finding a supplier difficult


The city of Paducah was running short on options when they contacted Superior Aluminum. After a quick internal discussion regarding the challenges the project would present, the Superior team eagerly got to work on a custom solution to maintain the storied legacy of the Paducah city hall.

The general railing framework was simple enough, it matched well with traditional Superior Series 9P Picket Railing. The special diamond insert and bronze medallion were where things got tricky.

First, measurements of the diamond insert were passed along. From there, final dimensions and designs had to be determined in order to ensure the diamond would:

  • Match the old design
  • Accept the bronze medallions
  • Fit with Superior Aluminum railing extrusions and castings

Thanks to support from sister company Francis Manufacturing, a brand-new casting was tooled up for the project and a prototype was created. Once it was confirmed that the medallions would fit the diamond and the diamond would fit the rail, all of the castings were created and painted.

The evolution of the special diamond insert for the Paducah, Kentucky city hall

From measurements, to prototype, to finished insert

Once the diamond design was complete and the medallions were cleaned up, the project became business as usual. As with every project, the Superior assembly team custom built each railing section to exact project specifications including the special inserts. Upon completion, the rail was shipped to city hall and swiftly installed.


The Paducah city hall is still undergoing renovations, but one thing they can emphatically cross off the list is revamping their dated railing without losing the style many had come to admire. Thanks to the custom diamonds created, the new railing evokes the rich history of the building and area but with a newfound beauty!

Completed aluminum railing with specialty insert in Paducah, Kentucky

A few of the numerous rebuilt railing sections

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