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Making installation A Snap, background shows Snap-Tite PVC Columns on an Ohio Store Front

Making Installation a Snap

  •   Posted on November 30, 2021

Right before their grand opening, an Ohio retail store had a list of projects to get done with little time to complete them. So how could they save some time to ensure a smooth grand opening?

Snap-Tite® PVC Column Wraps

The Problem - Little Time Left

In 2021, a newly-constructed retail store had a punch list of projects yet to be completed with little time remaining before Opening Day. A fancy looking exterior does not make a retail store a great business, but it certainly helps get people in the door. Naturally, these stores want to ensure their exterior quality matches the overall quality of the business. One of many projects that needed completed was turning 4” x 4” treated wood support posts from just a structural piece into a part of the overall architecture. The issue lay in the fact that nobody really had time to spend hours gluing columns, then come back the next day to clean up the mess left behind.

The Solution - Making Installation a Snap

Standard PVC Columns wouldn’t be ideal for wrapping the support posts. As mentioned, it would be too time consuming and tedious to miter, glue, bungee, and then wait for the glue to dry while time was not on their side. Leaving the posts bare was obviously not a viable option. Thankfully, Superior Aluminum’s new Snap-Tite® PVC Columns became available just in the nick of time!

Bare Post on a store frontBare Post didn't match the other outside features of the storefront

Unlike Regular PVC Wrap Around Columns, Superior’s Snap-Tite® Wrap-Around Columns’ patented design requires no mitering, glue, or bungees. The staves simply snap together around the structural support for a modern and uniform finish ready in mere minutes as opposed to hours.

Installation of a Snap-Tite PVC ColumnInstallation is a Snap when using Snap-Tite™ PVC Column Wraps

The Result - An On-Time Opening

After completion of the columns, the installation team estimated that by using the Snap-Tite® Wrap-Around Columns roughly 35 minutes were saved per column. That time doesn’t even include a trip to the store for glue or a return trip for cleanup! Added up over the 7 installed columns, almost 4 hours of valuable time was used to finish up jobs elsewhere on the project and get everything completed on time. Not only was the time-saving incredibly helpful, the finished look on the retail store generated immediate curb appeal and is now a centerpiece of the downtown area the store occupies. 

Store Front featuring Snap-Tite PVC Column WrapsSnap-Tite® PVC Column Wraps help create a modern design


Chart showing the average assembly time per column comparing snap-tite and a tradtional PVC Column

Have a tight window project that could benefit from a quick-to-assemble solution? Simply contact us with whatever your needs may be and we will happily help you out!

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