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Column FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Superior Columns

What do you recommend using to clean columns?

What could be worse than a dirty column on the entrance of your home? Pretty much nothing! Luckily, aluminum and PVC columns alike can be cleaned pretty simply. Start by spraying the columns with a water hose with moderate pressure. Hopefully that will start to remove the dirt of buildup. Next use dish soap or Pine-sol mixed with water and a rage [cloth] to gently scrub the dirt away. Finish by spraying the columns again with the hose and then take a step back and admire your work.

What is the maximum encaseable diameter for wrap-around columns?

The best way to find the maximum encaseable diameter for Superior’s wrap around columns is to check out the dimensions and load bearing data pages linked below.

Square Aluminum

Round Aluminum

Square PVC

Craftsman PVC

Snap-Tite PVC

Do caps and bases come individually or as a set?

Contrary to what it may seem, we are not trying to confuse anyone with these offerings. The answer is…it depends! Decorative caps and bases are always sold individually so you can mix and match to create your custom column, but the standard cap and base are boxed together in sets for easier shipping.

For panel aluminum columns, what is the difference between traditional with inserts and tabbed caps and bases?

This question only pertains to 6” and 8” load-bearing aluminum panel columns. The tabbed style is available as a slightly lower cost option that is easier to install. If the traditional panel look is preferred, if the desired cap or base is decorative, or if the column is a wrap-around application, the traditional option is necessary.