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Tapered round fiberglass columns support a patio pergola

Round and Square Fiberglass Columns

Superior Fiberglass Columns are designed with the splendor and elegance of ancient Greece in mind. A strong base leads to a graceful taper creating a beautiful constructive finish for both decorative and load-bearing applications. The durable fiberglass material provides a low-cost way to add architectural grace to your project that will last a lifetime.


Round and Square Fiberglass Columns: OVERVIEW

Whether your project calls for round, fluted, or square columns, Superior offers a fiberglass column to match your needs. Combined with numerous cap and base options, fiberglass columns can meet your exact project needs.

Elegant Superior Fiberglass Columns are a perfect touch to any project, be it residential or commercial. The load-bearing strength of fiberglass columns makes them as practical as they are beautiful.

Fiberglass columns from Superior boast the unique trait of being virtually maintenance-free while avoiding typical environmental decay such as rotting, splitting, or warping. Fiberglass columns come ready to be painted in any way your project dictates, and are already primed for a perfect finish.

Best Used For:

  • Multi-Family Housing (Apartments, Condominiums, Hotels)
  • Schools & Educational Institutions
  • Medical Facilities
  • Single-Family Residences
  • Handicap Accessible Entryways
  • Commercial Buildings