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An Ohio office building utilizes square picket railing to guide visitors up the entrance ramp



The post office, library, and city offices are all standard destinations for Superior Aluminum Products. Both railings and fence add a diverse sense of style to any municipal location. The durability of aluminum is able to keep up with the high traffic areas making it a worthy investment for the municipality.

Municipal Facilities

Urban areas generally feature multiple locations with Superior Aluminum railing products. Traditional settings like ramps and stairways are beautifully finished with Series 9P Aluminum Picket Railing or Series 5P Pipe Picket Railing. Meanwhile, Series 5H Horizontal Pipe Railing stands ready to add handrail to any of these areas. Each of these products comes with the added bonus of a low-maintenance structure and a custom-built design for easy installation, freeing up time for municipal employees.

Aluminum fence is another frequent partner to municipal facilities. Superior’s Series 7P Aluminum Picket Fence is available in 12 different designs, with each fully customizable. All fencing systems meet ICC requirements allowing them to enclose a pool, parks, parking lots, and other public meeting grounds.