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Multi-Family Housing



One of the most frequent uses for Superior Aluminum railings and columns is for multi-family housing. Apartment and condo buildings can utilize our aluminum railings to create a safe and secure balcony, while aluminum columns stand below in support. Whether it be three stories or thirty stories, Superior Aluminum can provide the final touch to any multifamily residence without compromising on the project's architectural integrity.

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Multi-Family Housing

Aluminum railing has two primary purposes in a multi-family setting, the first being for outdoor balconies. Our Series 9000 Heavy-Duty Railing is the most popular option for a good-looking, secure balcony railing. Safety is always our top priority at Superior, which is why our railing is compliant with virtually all building codes, including building code for balconies. Each balcony railing is custom-made to the specifications of your project, which ensures a safe, secure fit.

If you like the look of our Series 9000 Railing but prefer a continuous top rail, Superior Series 9100 Architectural Railing is perfect. This sleek railing system contains the same powerful advantages of our most popular series, but with the added advantage of continuous top rail! 

The second primary use of aluminum railing in multifamily settings is hand railing for stairs and ramps. Many apartment and condo buildings have several flights of stairs which require a handrail. Series 500 Pipe Railing is a great option for a fashionable and functional handrail. Pipe handrail can be added to pipe picket rail, square post railing (such as Series 9000), or directly to the wall. Each handrail system when combined with a guardrail on stairs or ramps not only make the climb less treacherous but also ensures code compliance.

Superior Aluminum columns also have their place in a multi-family setting. They can be used for support for overhangs, balconies, or walkways. Our columns are durable and provide full load-bearing strength. They also have a wrap-around functionality ideal for a quick renovation. Available in four styles with numerous cap and base options, you cannot go wrong with columns from Superior!