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Pipe step railing and pipe handrail offer safe passage up a stairway at an Indiana high school



Superior Aluminum Railing complements educational facilities in several ways. Durable aluminum railing not only persists through the harsh weather conditions outside on campus but also the routine bustling activity of students inside. Superior railings meet the numerous code restrictions outlined in educational locations while providing “A” level safety standards.

Educational Facilities

Many options are available to meet the different needs of campus life. Series 5P Pipe Picket and Series 5H Horizontal Pipe Railing pair together to form a dynamic combo for both high school and university campuses. The numerous stairways and ramps on a school campus utilize pipe picket railing for guardrail needs, while pipe handrail sneaks in to handle ADA and ICC handrail requirements.

The unique design of Series 9C Cable Railing exemplifies a modern architectural style popular with today’s universities. Uniquely, Superior cable railing creates a beautiful modern design but is subtle enough to not take away from awe-inspiring historic campus locations. When combined with the exceptional strength, durability, and low-maintenance qualities of aluminum, it's no wonder cable railing is rising to the top of the class.