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Custom Applications

Custom Railing


The possibilities of applications for Superior products are endless. Since each order is custom-made, we can form very unique, individualized products. Examples of custom applications include railing made to accept glass and custom inserts, designs within a railing, railing components used to build something else entirely, and more!

Custom Applications

While all Superior railing can be considered Custom Railing, sometimes a project can be taken to the next level of customization. For example, Series 500 Pipe Railing can be built to resemble a frame which is ideal for accepting glass or other decorative inserts to make your project pop.

Standard railing with fancy designs does not need to be the limit when Superior is involved. Superior Aluminum Disguise Fence is a special twist on our standard fence product, one that allows those unsightly HVAC units to stop ruining an appealing roofline.

Superior products also maintain a unique ability to be completely transformed. In the past, Series 600 Residential Railing components have been utilized to create a beautiful gazebo. Series 9000 Heavy-Duty Railing Posts recently showed their ability to be the support system for a beautiful new village welcome sign.