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Pipe railing surrounds the tanks at a commercial brewery in Maria Stein, Ohio



Commercial businesses feature entryways with stairs, ramps, large equipment, seating areas, and many more features. What do these all have in common? The need for railing! Making good investments is a key part of any business, and Superior railing provides a rock-solid investment for any commercial location. Aluminum products will not decay over time as other materials might. When you combine this with the beautiful aesthetics Superior’s line of custom railing provides, it is no doubt this is an investment that will continue to pay off.

Commercial Railing

ADA and ICC code compliance are key factors in designing any commercial location. Superior Aluminum knows this and builds each railing system custom to the design and size needs of every project to ensure compliance. This level of customization also leads to beautiful complements for existing designs, be it a brand-new building or a revamp of an existing location.

A large portion of the Superior Aluminum railing product mix plays well in the commercial sector. Series 5H Horizontal Pipe and Series 5P Pipe Picket Railing complement each other spectacularly as a guardrail-handrail combo for entry stairs and ramps. For a more design-oriented application, Series 9P Aluminum Picket Railing provides the style you desire without sacrificing strength. Modern businesses may want to look toward Series 9C Cable Railing or Series 5C Pipe Cable Railing to obtain a more futuristic look.

The two newest Superior Aluminum products also have their place in the commercial marketplace. Series 7V Privacy Fence is a fantastic choice for trying to hide ugly HVAC units or dumpsters in a large facility. On another token, Series 9H Horizontal Railing offers a unique style of railing rarely seen elsewhere.

Any overhang or awning inviting customers into your commercial location can be fully supported by Superior’s load-bearing columns. With multiple designs, finishes, caps/bases, and sizes you can surely find a column to match your tastes and complement your building. Each column can also be wrapped-around existing structures to quickly create an easy upgrade.