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Stadium Railing

Stadium Railing &

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Superior Aluminum railings are a stylish supplement to athletic stadiums and gymnasiums. Aluminum guardrails and handrails are the most frequent applications of our products in athletic venues, but the possibilities don’t end there. We offer a wide variety of products that can help give any athletic venue a boost. When it comes to combining design with durability, Superior takes the gold!

Stadium Railing

Outdoor athletic facilities with rows of bleachers or stadium seating need a supportive hand railing for fans walking up and down stairs. Superior provides the perfect product to fit bleacher railing or stadium railing requirements. Series 500 Pipe Railing is our most popular style for any stadium looking for an attractive handrail option. It can even be customized with a variety of finishes to match any team colors!

Aside from bleachers, other portions of athletic venues could also benefit from aluminum railing. Concourses leading to seating areas often feature aluminum railings instead of a wall to maintain a clean look. Additionally, many indoor recreation facilities have a track elevated above a gym that needs a protective barrier. Our Series 550 Pipe Picket Railing or Series 2000 Aluminum Cable Railing are both great options for these applications.

A protective fence around an outdoor venue is another area in which Superior can be of service. Superior Series 7000 Aluminum Picket Fence is an attractive yet effective way to keep unwanted guests from entering the facility while creating a positive first impression for new spectators and keeping the attention on the playing field.

While Superior Products are a home run in outside venues, they can also be a slam dunk inside. Arenas, gyms, workout facilities, and more can all benefit from carefully placed aluminum railing both for assistance and safety.