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Pipe stadium railing surrounds the concourse of Kokomo Municipal Stadium in Indiana

Stadium Railing &

Stadium Fence

Various athletic stadiums and gymnasiums use Superior Aluminum railing to complete their space. The most frequently used applications are aluminum handrail and guardrail, but there are plenty more options. When it comes to products that offer style and longevity, Superior Aluminum Products are a slam dunk!

Stadium Railing

Rows of outdoor stadium seating need handrails to assist the fans in getting to their seats. Series 5H Horizontal Pipe Railing meets all of the requirements outlined for safe travel through stadium seats. There are even multiple customizable options available to match team colors and style!

More than just bleachers at sports facilities can benefit from aluminum railing. Concourses leading to seats utilize railing systems to open views to the playing field to the public without compromising their safety. Additionally, Indoor facilities often feature a raised track above basketball courts or workout equipment. Series 5P Pipe Picket Railing and Series 9C Cable Railing are perfect choices for these types of settings.

A protective fence around an outdoor venue is another area in which Superior can be of service. Superior Series 7P Aluminum Picket Fence is an attractive yet effective way to keep unwanted guests from entering the facility while creating a positive first impression for new spectators and keeping the attention on the playing field.

While Superior Products are a home run in outside venues, they can also be a slam dunk inside. Arenas, gyms, workout facilities, and more can all benefit from carefully placed aluminum railing both for assistance and safety.