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A variety of aluminum railing and aluminum fence products in different applications

Superior Aluminum

Product Applications

From huge apartment buildings to small front porches to water treatment plants and everything in between, numerous types of construction need the same thing: a reliable railing system. Thanks to the diversity and flexibility of the Superior Aluminum product line, solutions for these and many more locations are plentiful. No matter the project you are looking to complete, Superior has a railing, column, or fence solution for you!


All products from Superior Aluminum can be utilized in countless settings. Durable, high-end aluminum creates a low-maintenance and durable railing system, providing the strength you want without the hassle you don’t!

Commercial, industrial and residential buildings all need railings or fence to offer safety and code-compliance. A diverse product offering allows Superior to cater to any market where aluminum railings, columns, or fence may be needed. Whether it be deck railing, porch railing, pipe railing at a wastewater plant, pipe handrail, pool fence, balcony railing or any other railing need, Superior has you covered!