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Privacy panel railing hides bulky HVAC units from sight

Series 9P Aluminum Privacy Railing

Superior Aluminum Privacy Railing offers a simple need that has become increasingly difficult to come by: privacy. Eliminate the awkwardness of nosey neighbors or conceal unsightly dumpsters or machinery without sacrificing the architectural style of your project. Low-maintenance aluminum, aesthetic appeal, and privacy....what's not to like? 


Series 9P Aluminum Privacy Railing: OVERVIEW

Many products of a similar style are available in alternative materials within the marketplace, but none can match the low-maintenance qualities of aluminum. Wood, vinyl, iron, and other materials with begin to rust, warp, or rot without constant repainting and care being applied. With Superior privacy railing, simply anchor down each section and keep private without constant upkeep!

Each Series 9P project is built in house to exact project requirements, meaning you have no need to worry about complicated panel assembly on the job site. Each individual privacy panel is held firm thanks to a specially engineered tongue and groove system which allows panels to lock tightly into the pickets and remain rigid with no additional steps required. 


Best Used For:

  • Shared balcony units
  • Hiding Machinery
  • Concealing dumpsters or other waste receptacles
  • Private property seeking an added level of security
  • Pool Fence
  • Anywhere privacy is valued or sightlines need disrupted

Complies with the following building codes:

  • OSHA
  • ADA
  • ICC
Privacy railing obstructing the view of HVAC units

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Solid panels avert any prying eyes by fully obstructing sightlines

Low-Maintenance privacy railing outside of an Ohio business


Aluminum will not rust, warp, or rot like other materials

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Privacy railing with an access gate for maintenance on hidden HVAC units

Gate Capability

Fully customized gates can be included to easily enter and exit for machine maintenance or dumpster access.