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Series 5C Aluminum Pipe Cable Railing

Series 5C Aluminum Pipe Cable Railing

New Superior Series 5C Pipe Cable Railing is ideal for those looking to take a project to the next level. The cable design allows for an unobstructed view while at the same time combining beautifully with the pipe framework to create a railing that is a powerful combination of modern, stylish, and industrial.


Series 5C Aluminum Pipe Cable Railing: OVERVIEW

Superior Aluminum Series 5C Pipe Cable Railing assembles in a manner that will leave you wondering how the cables are so solid without those unsightly fittings. The answer lies in the fittings being hidden inside the posts in order to create a system that is distinctively streamlined.

Pipe cable railing is fully customizable to any length or height that your project requires. Additionally, Superior Aluminum is unique in that your cable rail system will be factory assembled to the maximum that shipping restrictions will allow. This saves a large amount of time and money in handling and installation for you the customer.

Series 5C Pipe Cable Railing uses heavy-duty aluminum posts and rail assemblies to fit within the safety needs written by the ADA, ICC, and OSHA. These railing systems showcase a stainless steel cable that is extremely strong and stretch proof. These features combine to provide a maintenance-free system that will remain durable for a lifetime.

Best Used For:

  • Industrial Settings and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Settings overlooking panoramic scenery
  • High-Rise Commercial or Multi-Family Properties
  • Buildings or homes seeking a modern style
  • Educational Institutions

Complies with the following building codes:

  • OSHA
  • ADA
  • ICC
Unimpeded View

Unimpeded View

The cable design creates a railing system that will minimize impediments to your view.

No Bulky Fittings

No Bulky Fittings

Fittings and tensioning devices are hidden inside posts to preserve the beauty of your system.

Modern Design

Modern Design

The combination of sleek pipe and powerful cables allow for a strong modern statement.