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Seamless railing with ring inserts guards an elevated area near a high school track

Seamless Aluminum Railing: Series 9S

Superior Series 9S Seamless Aluminum Railing offers the form and function of a traditional railing system but utilizes a continuous top rail system to make it unique. The continuous top rail creates a smooth feel and eliminates those irritating bumps and step ups cause by end post on a traditional system.


Seamless Aluminum Railing: Series 9S: OVERVIEW

Series 9S railing features a continuous top rail that gives you seamless corner transitions and bold shapes. Innovative pocket posts and hidden fasteners create an uninterrupted look, free from the constraints of bulky brackets. Architectural aluminum railing provides all these features while meeting and exceeding the highest safety standards. Keeping the continuous flow will create a unique and beautiful finish to any project.

Series 9S is built to custom length and height needs of your project. This permits a more efficient installation and allows you to enjoy your finished project sooner!

*Please note that 9S can only be used on level applications and cannot be used for stair applications at this time. 

Best Used For:

  • Contemporary Architectural Applications
  • Educational Institutions
  • Athletic Venues
  • Medical Facilities
  • Commercial Buildings

Complies with the following building codes:

  • OSHA
  • ADA
  • ICC
A close up of the corner of an architectural railing showing the seamless transitions of the system

Seamless Rail Transition

Smooth transitions create a continuous, elegant structure.

A screw cover being installed in square picket railing to conceal picket screws

Concealed Picket Screws

Unattractive fasteners are hidden with screw covers on both top and bottom rail.

Ring inserts inside of an architectural railing

Decorative Inserts

Add decorative inserts to create a truly unique solution.