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A residential home uses architectural cable railing railing for a clear view.

Seamless Aluminum Cable Railing: Series 9CS

Superior Series 9CS Seamless Cable Aluminum Railing utilizes a continuous top rail system with the clear visibility of cable railing for a unique and appealing design. The continuous top rail creates a smooth feel and eliminates those irritating bumps and step ups cause by end post on a traditional system. Winner of a 2021 Reader’s Choice Award from Metal Architecture Magazine.


Seamless Aluminum Cable Railing: Series 9CS: OVERVIEW

Superior Aluminum Series 9CS Seamless Cable Railing combines a continuous top rail with concealed fittings, creating a seamless cable railing system without the bulky fittings or cumbersome brackets that have long plagued cable railing in the past. These features allow for a continuous flow that will create a unique and beautiful finish to any project.

Customization is a key feature of Seamless Cable Railing; any height or length desired for your project can be built by the Superior team. Each railing system is assembled in-house based upon sizes specified for the location. Installation time is minimized on the job site so you can spend less time stringing cables and more time admiring your beautiful new railing! 

Using durable aluminum posts and rail assemblies creates a low-maintenance railing system. This long-term durability pairs nicely with Cable Railing's ability to meet all the requirements set forth by the ADA, ICC, and OSHA. Stainless steel cable is used throughout the structure, providing a resilient and stretch proof system, fit to endure tough conditions.


*Please note that 9CS can only be used on level applications and cannot be used for stair applications at this time. 

Best Used For:

  • Contemporary Corporate Environments
  • Settings overlooking panoramic scenery
  • High-Rise Commercial or Multi-Family Properties
  • Recreational Fitness Facilities
  • Educational Institutions

Complies with the following building codes:

  • OSHA
  • ADA
  • ICC
Square post cable railing lines the stairs of a tech company

Modern Design

Stainless Steel cables are horizontally placed to create a modern, sleek finished product.

Cable railing covers an elevated outdoor area creating a safe an unimpeded view

Unimpeded View

Cable rail offers an uninterrupted view while still being a secure system, so you can enjoy a skyline or view over the water worry-free.

An interior look at square cable railing posts illustrating the fittings being hidden within the posts instead of outside

No Bulky Fittings

All devices used for fitting and tensioning are concealed inside posts to keep sightlines pure.