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Pipe railing borders the equipment at an Ohio water treatment facility

Aluminum Pipe Railing: Series 5H

Superior Aluminum Series 5H Aluminum Pipe Railing is designed to utilize all of the advantages of aluminum including strength, resilience, and maintenance-free properties. Pipe railing presents a non-welded design with concealed fasteners to create an efficient yet stylish final product.

Aluminum Pipe Railing: Series 5H : OVERVIEW


Series 5H Horizontal Aluminum Pipe Railing

Series 5H railing can be made to any length and height to fit any project. Customization options extend further with 5H rail as your product can be curved to any radius or angle that you may require. This full customization also means in-house assembly of your railing, vastly simplifying the installation process.

All top rails and posts are uniquely assembled to run in continuous lengths to create a system that is not only stronger but also more aesthetically pleasing and practical. 

Series 5A Aluminum Pipe Assist Railing

The continuous nature of Pipe Railing allows it to transform from a guardrail system to a handrail system if so desired. Series 5A railing is made exactly the same as its Series 5H counterpart, but for handrail and assist applications. Series 5A railing contains the ability to be combined with any of Superior Aluminum's numerous guardrail systems in order to create a code-compliant combo for OSHA or ADA railing needs. 

Best Used For:

  • Municipal Locations (Water/Wastewater Treatment)
  • Industrial/Manufacturing Settings
  • Commercial
  • Multi-Family Buildings - Handrail
  • Schools & Educational Institutions - Handrail
  • Medical Facilities
  • Athletic Venues

Complies with the following building codes:

  • OSHA
  • ADA
  • ICC
A sample of pipe railing showing the lack of visible fasteners

Concealed Fasteners

All fasteners are hidden to create an unblemished look.

A view of pipe railing at a baseball stadium showing the non-welded construction of the railing


Non-welded design creates an uncontaminated feel and eases the burden of installation.

A radiused pipe railing run with continuous top rail

Continuous Top Rail

Continuous top rail makes for an efficient, practical system.