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Series 9P Designs

Superior Aluminum Series 9P Aluminum Picket Railing features a multitude of design options. Each system is available in any finish. All designs share the same advantages, such as concealed fasteners, pocket posts, code-compliant designs, and aesthetics.

There are additional stages of customization offered within these design styles including top rails, pickets, and posts. Top rails can be interchanged between 2" and 2½" assemblies. Posts for our Series 9P railing are available in 2", 2½", and 4" dimensions. Only the 2½" and 4" posts are able to be manufactured and turned into our signature pocket posts. Finally, pickets can be ordered in ¾" and 1½" sizes for your project.

The images below show the different styles of Series 9P railing available, which can all be tailored to your needs.

Standard two line square picket railing
Three-line square picket railing with an open double top rail
Three-line square picket railing with a through pickets