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Multiple balconies are safeguarded by square picket balcony railing

Aluminum Picket Railing: Series 9P

Superior Aluminum Picket Railing provides an innovative, attractive, and safe solution that makes as much sense on a 13th-floor balcony as it does on a front porch. By utilizing classic design elements with two key modern twists, the Series 9P railing is flexible to numerous project types. All exposed picket screws are covered to create an unsoiled look to your railing. Meanwhile, our advanced pocket posts eliminate the need for unsightly brackets in level applications.


Aluminum Picket Railing: Series 9P : OVERVIEW

Series 9P Aluminum Picket Railing

Superior Series 9P Aluminum Railings allow customers to enjoy a reliable and modernized design unique in the industry. Each order is specifically tailored to the needs of the project and customer, saving installation time and money. Every design of Series 9P railing shipped from Superior meets the requirements of the ADA, ICC, and OSHA.

There are various styles available of Series 9P railing. These include 2-line or 3-line railing, as well as additional customized features per customer request. All the styles offered can be constructed at any height desired as well. If you check out our gallery and don’t see any photos that will suit your plan, contact us so we can help complete your dream project! 

Series 9W Wide Picket Railing

Superior Aluminum also offers Series 9W Picket Railing. This railing system has larger pickets while maintaining all of the advantages noted above. The expanded sizes parallel the natural look of wood railing with the bonus maintenance-free qualities of aluminum.

Complies with the following building codes:

  • OSHA
  • ADA
  • ICC

Best Used For:

  • Multi-Family Housing (Apartments, Condominiums, Hotels)
  • Schools & Educational Institutions
  • Medical Facilities
  • Single-Family Residences
  • Handicap Accessible Entryways
  • Commercial Buildings
A screw cover being installed in square picket railing to conceal picket screws

Concealed Picket Screws

Screw covers hide unsightly fasteners on your top and bottom rail!

A post with multiple top and bottom rails secured inside pockets

Pocket Posts

Machined Posts tidy up your project by removing brackets on level applications!

A custom railing application on a residential patio

Custom Applications

Projects can be fully customized to fit any need you may have!