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Aluminum Mesh Railing: Series 9M


Dark Bronze

NOTE: Due to variations in individual monitor settings and calibrations, actual product colors may vary from those represented on this site. Color chip samples are available upon request – for more information, please Contact Us or Locate a Representative.


*What is Satin Anodized?

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface of aluminum into durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. Please note that deviations are common among similar alloys with even greater deviations occurring among different alloys.

Do PVC Column Wraps require special paint?

All Superior PVC Column Wraps come in a standard white finish that does not require painting. If painting is desired, it is recommended that 100% acrylic paint with or without a urethane additive is used. Additionally, it is recommended that a light reflective value (LRV) of 55 units or greater is chosen.

Do your finishes adhere to any standards or codes?

Yes, all standard finishes offered by Superior adhere to the provisions set forth by the American Architectural Manufacturer's Association.

What type of paint is used on Superior's standard color options?

Extruded pieces (top/bottom rail, posts, pickets, etc.) are painted with PPG Duracron paint, while castings (brackets, caps, bases, etc.) are powder coated.

What type of Anodized finish is standard?

The standard Satin Anodized finish for all railing is 15M Clear Anodized, Aluminum Association Designation AA-M12-C22-A21, which has a minimum coating thickness of .15mils. Series 500 and 550 have two additional anodized options: A 60M Clear Anodized, Architectural Class 1 finish, with the designation AA-M12-C22-A41, and a 60M Brushed Anodized, Architectural Class 1 finish, with the designation AA-M35-C22-A41, both with minimum coating thicknesses of .7mils. Any Anodized railing outside of the standard 15M Clear Anodized finish may be subject to additional costs.

What coating thicknesses are your standard finishes applied to?

The minimum thickness specifications include .8mils for painted finishes and.15mils for anodized finishes. Actual thicknesses typically exceed these figures.

Are any products available in Duranodic finishes?

Yes: Duranodic coatings can be applied to any of our products at an additional fee. Colors available range from Champagne to Black.

Are custom finishes available?

Yes: Any of our products can be custom painted with a special color or high performance paint at an additional fee.

What if I would like to paint your products myself?

All of our products are available in a mill finish if painting or chemical treating by a 3rd party is preferred. However, Superior does not recommend that any of its products be installed permanently without adequate surface protection.