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An apartment balcony is guarded by horizontal balcony railing

Aluminum Horizontal Railing: Series 9H

Looking for a unique spin on traditional square post railing? Superior Horizontal Railing has got a solution for you! Unlock the beauty of your project by utilizing the simple elegance of square horizontal lines. By flipping traditional railing on its side, Horizontal rail creates a unique yet familiar aesthetic.   


Aluminum Horizontal Railing: Series 9H: OVERVIEW

There are many options available on the marketplace for horizontal style railing (Superior alone has a couple, with square and pipe cable railing and standard pipe railing) but one utilizing square components is a rarity. The secret is in the uniquely designed posts which allow horizontal sections to be tightly fastened for a practical and visual masterpiece. To avoid damage from resting feet or overly excited children, lower horizontal lines and are strongly reinforced to ensure they withstand such abuse.

As is the case with all Superior railing products, each Horizontal Railing system is built to exact customer complicated job site assembly required. The Superior design team created Series 9H railing to meet all code requirements while maintaining the low-maintenance qualities all Superior products provide. 

*Please note that 9H can only be used on level applications and cannot be used for stair applications at this time. 

Best Used For:

  • Multi-family housing units
  • Single-family residences
  • Commercial buildings
  • Handicap accessible entryways
  • Anywhere architecturally-unique railing would elevate a project

Complies with the following building codes:

  • OSHA
  • ADA
  • ICC
A second story balcony is guarded by horizontal railing providing a relatively unimpeded view

Unimpeded View

Horizontal design provides safety without impeding a beautiful view over the water or a city skyline.

A large apartment window features a juliet horizontal railing with a modern design

Modern Design

The modern design style of the horizontal square lines is a perfect complement to current architectural styles.

Drawing illustrating the lack of bulky fittings used on horizontal railing

No Bulky Fittings

Horizontal lines go directly into the posts, eliminating the need for brackets or other fastening methods ruining the beauty of an installation.