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Heavy-duty step railing and balcony provide safety to a Wisconsin apartment building


Aluminum Railing

Superior’s main concern has always been and will always be safety, and our railing reflects this fact. While safety is our main focus, we have mixed in stunning beauty as well. All Superior aluminum railing designs exhibit low-maintenance and durable qualities that create timeless solutions while delivering aesthetically-pleasing finished products.


Aluminum Railing: OVERVIEW

Many settings rely on railing to provide safety and code compliance. Apartments, hotels, athletic facilities, businesses and more utilize Superior railing systems to add that finishing touch to any new build or remodel. Each project is custom built to project specifications, meaning any setting is ripe for an aluminum railing solution.  

 Superior’s aluminum railing offers all of the low-maintenance qualities of aluminum. Oftentimes, weather and other harsh conditions put railings to the test…. tests which aluminum passes every time. Without having to fix rotting, splitting or warping wood railing, you’ll have more time to enjoy your finished project!

Product Qualities


Durable aluminum products provide continuous years of little to no maintenance from each Superior railing line, with threats such as severe weather becoming a non-factor. After installation, there’s only one thing left to do: sit back and enjoy!

Heavy-duty stair railing sits ready to aid traversal of stairs at a residential building

Series 9000 Aluminum Railing

Superior Heavy-Duty Aluminum Railing provides an innovative, attractive, and safe solution that makes as much sense on a 13th-floor balcony as it does on a front porch. By utilizing classic design elements with two key modern twist, Series 9000 railing is flexible to numerous project types. All exposed picket screws are covered to create an unsoiled look to your railing. Meanwhile, our advanced pocket posts eliminate the need for unsightly brackets in level applications.

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Pipe Railing used as an assist railing for wheel chair ramp at a local store

Series 500 Aluminum Pipe Railing

Superior Aluminum Series 500 Aluminum Pipe Railing is designed to utilize all the advantages of aluminum including strength, resilience, and maintenance-free properties. Pipe railing presents a non-welded design with concealed fasteners to create an efficient yet stylish final product.

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Pipe picket railing with pipe handrail constructed next to a stairway to assist with stairs.

Series 550 Aluminum Pipe Picket Railing

By utilizing a non-welded design, Superior Aluminum Series 550 Pipe Picket Railing offers an unblemished look unique in todays marketplace. Thanks to the incredible durability and power of aluminum pipe, Pipe Picket Railing creates years of maintenance-free service to your project.

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a set of stairs using cable railing assisted by pipe handrailing

Series 2000 Aluminum Cable Railing

Superior Aluminum Series 2000 Cable Railing is a seamless solution for a project with a view. The cables allow for fantastic sightlines without degrading the demanding safety standards met by Superior Aluminum. Cable railing manages to do both of these without corrupting a beautiful design.

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An indoor stair area features architectural cable railing with an assist rail.

Series 2100 Architectural Aluminum Cable Railing

Superior Series 2100 Architectural Cable Aluminum Railing utilizes a continuous top rail system with the clear visibility of cable railing for a unique and appealing design. The continuous top rail creates a smooth feel and eliminates those irritating bumps and step ups cause by end post on a traditional system. Winter of a 2021 Reader’s Choice Award from Metal Architecture Magazine.

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A manufacturing facilities outdoor patio is enclosed by pipe cable railing

Series 5C Aluminum Pipe Cable Railing

If you’re looking to take a project to the next level, Superior has an ideal railing solution for you. Series 5C Pipe Cable Railing offers a modern, industrial feel that looks sharp on the interior and exterior of any building while creating an unobstructed view.

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Horizontal balcony railing protects an elevated area of an Ohio apartment

Series 9H Aluminum Horizontal Railing

Looking for a unique spin on traditional square post railing? Superior Horizontal Railing has got a solution for you! Unlock the beauty of your project by utilizing the simple elegance of square horizontal lines. By flipping traditional railing on its side, Horizontal rail creates a unique yet familiar aesthetic.   

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Privacy railing guards bulky equipment from prying eyes

Series 9P Aluminum Privacy Railing

Superior Aluminum Privacy Railing offers a simple need that has become increasingly difficult to come by: privacy. Eliminate the awkwardness of nosey neighbors or conceal unsightly dumpsters or machinery without sacrificing the architectural style of your project. Low-maintenance aluminum, aesthetic appeal, and privacy....what's not to like? 

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Architectural balcony railing guards multiple apartment balconies

Series 9100 Architectural Aluminum Railing

Superior Series 9100 Architectural Aluminum Railing offers the form and function of a traditional railing system but utilizes a continuous top rail system to make it unique. The continuous top rail creates a smooth feel and eliminates those irritating bumps and step ups cause by end post on a traditional system.

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Porch railing safeguards the front of a small elevated entryway

Series 600 Residential Aluminum Railing

Residential Railings create a more subtle look than other railing options might provide. Residential settings play well with the immense customization options available with 600 railing, while maintaining the high-quality standards offered in commercial lines.

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Temporary railing constructs a defined barrier for a  community event.

Superior Ready Railing

Superior Ready Railing provides an easy to use, while still attractive, portable railing system. Ready Railing can be used in a variety of situations, from creating a restaurant's outdoor dining area, to barriers for community events. Made of high-quality aluminum alloys that do not rust or rot, Superior Ready Railing is both dependable and durable for a maintenance-free solution. 

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