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Aluminum picket fence surrounds a high school baseball field in Ohio


Aluminum Fence

Superior Aluminum fence makes any project stand out, and adds the perfect finishing touch to any setting. Superior fencing adds ample security to many locations such as swimming pools, yards, sports facilities, businesses and many more. Fence by Superior is available in numerous styles, matching any existing structures on a project.


Aluminum Fence: OVERVIEW

Superior's Aluminum Fence

Many projects now desire a fencing system be put in place to keep unwanted people and animals from trespassing. Oftentimes a cheap short-term solution is used in these instances, whether it be around a swimming pool, a backyard, or even a sports field. An aluminum fence by Superior offers a more permanent solution that does not hinder the appearance of your project.  

Update those outdated chain link or wood fences with something low-maintenance like chain link yet aesthetically pleasing like wood. Aluminum fence will stand guard for you while eliminating concerns of warping, cracking, or breaking.

Product Qualities


Durable aluminum allows Superior fence many years of use without fading in beauty. Environmental abuse can cause wood to rot and warp, but aluminum fence endures through severe conditions. A virtually maintenance-free product gives the customer a system they can depend on for as long as they need.


Our skilled CAD engineers draw every fence/gate order to meet your precise requirements. With many styles for overall design, post caps, picket caps, and more you can create a truly unique product.

Easy Installation

After the custom-drawings are created, fence is built and shipped in pre-assembled sections that allow for a simplified installation process. The sections and panels are easily moveable by one individual and allow for a significantly faster field fabrication experience. Gates are measured down to 1/16th of an inch to guarantee a perfect fit at the time of installation.

Metal picket fence borders the backyard of a residential home

Aluminum Picket Fence: Series 7P

Series 7P Aluminum Picket Fence is durable without sacrificing aesthetics. Security is always a top concern and the strength of aluminum ensures your newly enclosed location will remain safe. Custom pocket posts eliminate bulky brackets while our screw covers hide the unattractive fittings to streamline your fence and make your project the talk of the town!

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A gate anchored to two brick pillars guards a residential swimming pool

Custom Aluminum Gates

Superior Aluminum offers gates to create a closeable opening for each product line. When pieces are welded together, it eliminates the irritating rattling sound many gates eventually develop. All Superior gates are built to exact specifications, to create a finished product that will provide many years of impeccable entries and exits.

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Privacy fence guards bulky equipment from prying eyes

Aluminum Privacy Fence: Series 7V

Superior privacy fence uniquely conceals sights that aren't meant to be noticed while also being a beautiful addition to any location. The combo of functionality and aesthetical appeal is a rare one, but privacy fence pulls it off with flying colors! 

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