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Square Panel Cap/Base Styles

Each Superior Aluminum square panel column comes with multiple cap and base options including two variations of the standard style (more info below). Each style is available in panel columns of any diameter. Each customer can put their own little touch on a project with their choice of multiple cap and base styles.

Square Panel Standard Caps/Bases

Superior has launched a new tabbed style cap/base for 6" and 8" Square Panel columns. This new cap/base provides a lower price point while easing the installation process. The "traditional" standard cap and base which utilizes panel inserts remains an option for use with panel columns. All wrap-around applications and columns larger than 8" will still require the traditional style with panel inserts. Check out this document for more information. 

New Style Standard Cap or Base
Standard Panel Cap or Base
Traditional Style Standard Panel Cap or Base
"Traditional" Panel Cap or Base

Square Panel Decorative Caps/Bases

When your project demands an extra layer of design and elegance, Superior has you covered. We offer a selection of different decorative cap and base options for our panel columns, all available in each size and for wrap-around applications. Please note that all decorative caps and bases will require panel inserts in the same vein as "traditional" standard caps or bases as seen in the examples below.  

Doric Style Panel Cap or Base
Doric Panel Cap or Base
Charleston Style Panel Cap or Base
Charleston Panel Cap or Base
Savannah Style Panel Cap or Base
Savannah Panel Cap or Base

Square Panel Cap / Base Types

All cap and base styles are available in one piece configurations in all sizes. For wrap-around applications, standard and Doric styles can be made in the puzzle-lock style for all sizes. Standard style 6” and 8” columns can also be complemented with the polymer composite snap-together cap/base, a low-cost alternative to aluminum caps and bases. Like all panel wrap-around caps and bases, polymer composites will require panel inserts. 

Aluminum One Piece
Aluminum One Piece
Aluminum Puzzle Lock
Aluminum Puzzle Lock
Polymer Composite
Polymer Composite
Panel Tabbed Cap or Base
One Piece Tabbed


Square Panel Column Insert

The square panel column insert is a separate accessory from the column (generally packaged with the cap and base) that is installed just before cap and base installation. All caps/bases aside from 6" and 8" standard style non-wrap require these inserts in order to close the gap between the panel grooves and the cap/base.

Example of Panel Insert and Use