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Round porch columns support the entryway to a home

Round Fluted Aluminum Columns

For years, architects have utilized round columns to accentuate historical buildings. Round Fluted columns from Superior Aluminum embrace this traditional look but with a modern touch. Superior columns are manufactured with durable and sustainable aluminum, elevating them above the structures of yesteryear. Aluminum columns are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and keep their impeccable looks to keep you satisfied with your project for years to come.


Round Fluted Aluminum Columns: OVERVIEW

Both strength and beauty are exemplified with Superior Aluminum’s round fluted columns. Withstanding load-bearing weights is possible thanks to the incredible power of aluminum, which also provides a durable finish that will not rust, rot, or warp the way other materials might.

All aluminum round fluted columns contain wrap-around functionality This allows for easy hiding of dated existing supports, modernizing your space. When used in wrap-around applications, special wrap-around caps and bases should be used. Please note that 6” and 8” round columns can be both load-bearing and wrap-around, while any larger size (10" and over) only contain the possibility to be either load-bearing or wrap-around.

Most column sizes only require one person to install. Thanks to their lightweight and easily mobile nature, your column installation will be quick and painless, saving you time and money!

A drawing of an aluminum column wrapping around an existing structure


All round columns feature wrap-around functionality to freshen up a tired look.

Round fluted columns supporting a long outdoor walkway


Round columns will support the weight of roof overhangs or hold up a covered walkway.

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