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Two pairs of round fluted columns support a small entryway


Aluminum Columns

Columns from Superior Aluminum provide modern functionality while maintaining a traditional appearance, making them the perfect choice in many settings. Maintenance-free aluminum columns keep style prevalent and create load-bearing support. Superior columns can be used either as a stand-alone structure or a wrap-around cover for a quick renovation. Many styles of caps and bases are available, creating dozens of customization options.


Aluminum Columns: OVERVIEW

Superior's Aluminum Columns

Porches, entryways, gazebos, and more utilize columns to support overhead structures without obstructing nature’s views.

Columns have supported many architectural features throughout history, with proven strength and reliability throughout the years. Keeping the traditional details and structures in place is key to the beauty of our columns. Superior Aluminum columns tailor to all design styles, adding a touch of class and elegance to any commercial or residential project.

Multiple styles are available for all columns, caps, and bases. Each of these can be customized to any desired diameter, length, and finish. No matter if you call them columns, pillars, posts, or poles, Superior has what you need to finish the job the right way!

Product Qualities


All Superior columns can be utilized as wrap-around column covers. Covering old support structures is an easy solution for a quick and effective remodel.

Load-Bearing Strength

All Superior column profiles provide load-bearing support to any project…. some sizes can hold up to 75,000 lbs.! Learn More Round | Square


Four diverse columns styles are available with multiple color and size customization options in each style. This creates products to match exact design preferences for everyone and all locations.


Aluminum columns are more resilient than wood columns, as they will not warp, rot, or split and don’t require frequent repainting!

Easy Assembly

All columns from Superior Aluminum are installed in just a few easy steps Thanks to a simple snap-together design. Caps and bases only need to be slipped on and attached, or locked together and attached for wrap-around applications. Learn More

Square fluted porch columns support the overhang of a residential home

Square Fluted, Panel, and Smooth Aluminum Columns

Wood columns appeal to those who like styles of rustic and natural looks, but generally require a lot of maintenance and work to keep them looking new. Superior Aluminum square columns offer the same aesthetic advantages as wood, but are virtually maintenance-free, giving your space the character it needs without the hassle it doesn’t!

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A business with a grand entryway supported by large round fluted columns

Round Fluted Aluminum Columns

For years, architects have utilized round columns to accentuate historical buildings. Round fluted columns from Superior Aluminum embrace this traditional look but with a modern touch. Superior columns are manufactured with durable and sustainable aluminum, elevating them above the structures of yesteryear. Aluminum columns are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and keep their impeccable looks to keep you satisfied with your project for years to come.

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