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Aluminum Columns


Aluminum Columns

Superior Aluminum columns create traditional elegance but with a contemporary twist. The power of low-maintenance aluminum joining forces with classic designs creates a load-bearing column fit for the modern age. Columns can be used as standalone structures or column covers for wrap-around purposes. With multiple styles of columns, caps, and bases, Superior Aluminum columns are the perfect final touch to any project.


Aluminum Columns: OVERVIEW

Many structures such as porches, entryways, and gazebos feature areas open to nature while still utilizing the protection of a roof overhead. Gravity does not allow these roofs to just stand on their own, and that is where columns are needed.

Columns have been a standard for centuries, holding up some of history's greatest architecture. Superior Aluminum columns embrace this tradition, bringing into the present era. Columns from Superior will add a touch of class to your project, be it residential or commercial, and are a perfect final touch.

Columns, caps, and bases each can be manufactured in a wide array of styles all available in a huge variety of diameters, lengths, and colors. Whether you call them columns, pillars, posts, or poles, Superior has what you need for any renovation or new construction project! 

Product Qualities


All columns can be used as column covers in wrap-around applications. Revitalize a tired look, or bring new life to a remodel by covering that unsightly old support structure with Superior Aluminum columns.

Load-Bearing Strength

Superior Aluminum columns can be utilized as load bearing support for your structure, making them a perfect finishing touch to your project. Learn More Round | Square


Aluminum columns are available in four distinct styles with multiple color and size options for each. This allows for a match to be made for any project requirement, be it commercial or residential.


Wood columns will split, rot, and crack, all negative traits that aluminum simply does not possess. Aluminum columns will be there to support your project for years to come!

Easy Assembly

All Superior aluminum columns install in a few uncomplicated steps. All there is to it is to snap together the supplied staves and place into position. Caps and bases need only be slipped on and attached, or locked together and attached for wrap-around applications. Learn More

Square Fluted, Panel, and Smooth Aluminum Columns

Square Fluted, Panel, and Smooth Aluminum Columns

Wood columns provide an appealing natural look and feel to any project, but come along with unappealing features such as maintenance and upkeep. Superior Aluminum square columns provide your home or business with the warm, natural look of wood while embracing the advantageous qualities aluminum possesses.

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Round Fluted Aluminum Columns

Round Fluted Aluminum Columns

For centuries round columns have been the choice of history's greatest architects. Superior Aluminum round fluted columns embrace this tradition and add a futuristic touch. Unlike the ancient structures of old, round fluted columns from Superior Aluminum are made of durable, maintenance free aluminum that won't succumb to the rigors of time.

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