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Snap-TiteŽ PVC Column Wraps on a commercial store front


PVC Column Wraps

Superior PVC Column Wraps help transform basic structural supports into a highlight of any area by blending modern architectural style with traditional appeal. Superior also offers the industry’s only PVC Column Wrap that does NOT require PVC Glue for assembly: The Superior Snap-Tite® PVC Column Wrap.


PVC Column Wraps: OVERVIEW

Superior's PVC Column Wraps

Whether covering a support post or refreshing a porch's entryway, PVC Column Wraps can be utilized in a variety of situations and provide a truly modern design. 

Superior offers a variety of PVC Column Wrap styles, including our revolutionary patented Snap-Tite® design which dramatically cuts down on installation time. Additionally, Superior offers a more traditional line of square column wraps for those wishing to utilize them. All this combined means nearly endless customization.

* Please Note: PVC Column Wraps are non-load-bearing and should only be used in non-load-bearing applications.




Product Qualities

Snap-Tite Locking - No Adhesive Required

Superior's Snap-Tite™ PVC Column Wraps use a patented design that is the industry's first and only column wrap that does not require PVC Glue or other adhesives. Simply Snap together the columns and enjoy your new Snap-Tite™ PVC Column Wrap!


All PVC Column Wraps are designed with wrap-around function to conceal unsightly support systems for a modern look

Paintable Surfaces

All PVC Column Wraps come in a standard white finish. This finish is weather resident, so no painting is required. However, all PVC Column Wraps can be painted with 100% acrylic exterior paint or acrylic with urethane additive paint. Paint should feature a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of greater than 55. 

Commerical location featuring Snap-TiteŽ PVC Column Wraps with landscaping in front.

Snap-Tite PVC Column Wraps

The industry's first and only PVC column wrap that doesn't require adhesive. With its patented design, Snap-Tite® PVC column wraps:

  • Snap together - saving over 30 minutes per column
  • Eliminate the need for messy glue
  • Do not require a return trip to remove straps the following day

Designed with the needs of builders and developers in mind, our column wraps offer all of this with a beautiful, modern appeal.


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Square Panel PVC Column Wraps on an outdoor pergola

Square PVC Column Wraps

Now that’s a wrap! Cover up any unsightly existing support beams with a Square, Fluted, or Panel PVC column wrap to brighten up any entrance or area in a breeze.

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Multiple Craftsman Style PVC Column Wraps on a residential house

Craftsman PVC Column Wraps

Make a statement with a Craftsman PVC column wrap! Craftsman style PVC wraps offer a bold look with two distinct design options, smooth and panel, and a wide variety of sizes meaning there is a wrap for any application! 

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