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Railing Renovation - Does Railing Renovation Fit in With the Larger Renovation Trend of the Post Pandemic World?

Railing Renovation

  •   Posted on October 29, 2021

How does railing fit in with the larger renovation trends?

Railing and Renovation

While new construction can be fun and exciting, there is just as much work going on in the renovation world. Since the onset of Covid-19, this has become even more true. In 2020 the amount spent on renovations increased by over 15%, with an additional 6% increase in 2021 so far according to a survey conducted by Houzz & Home. So then, how does railing fit in with the larger renovation trends?

Safety First

Renovations happen all the time, from updating a porch on a residential home to completely reimagining a large multi-family building. These renovations can take place for a number of reasons including updates in styles and trends, modernized efficiencies, and safety, which is our main focus. As building materials age, they will naturally begin to deteriorate, especially those that are outdoors. Of particular concern for our discussion is the quality of a railing system falling below an acceptable threshold. This deterioration can come in many forms such as rust, rotting, cracking, or material warping. Regardless of the way a railing system starts to fade the important point is how dangerous it can become. In many instances, a railing is a life safety item so naturally it failing is quite a big deal.

Iron railing weakening with rust, creating an off orange colorIron can rust, creating a potential safety risk

So Why Aluminum?

So why should an aluminum railing system be chosen over another material when renovating? Because aluminum doesn’t rust like iron, rot like wood, or warp like vinyl, it is a nearly maintenance free option for a railing system that will last years after installation. In 10 years when you are leaning on your second-floor aluminum balcony railing, you won’t have any cause for concern. Of course, instead of renovating a railing system, you can always get aluminum railing the first time!

Aluminum railing on a second floor balcony in a residential application.Renovating or building, aluminum railing is always a great choice!

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