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Evaluating 13 PVC Column Wrap Terms. In the background, PVC column wraps are displayed on a commercial building

Evaluating 13 PVC Column Wrap Terms

  •   Posted on March 23, 2022

PVC? Column Wrap? LRV values? I thought I already knew about columns? What is this PVC Column thing all about?

Previously, we examined 15 Column Terms. That post mostly focused on aluminum columns but today we want to turn our attention to a new addition to the Superior Product line: The PVC Column Wrap. 

13 Common PVC Column Wrap Terms

1. Structural Support – is a piece of material, typically vertical, used to bear weight and safely hold up a portion of a building or overhang. In terms of columns, it is typically an aluminum or treated wood support used to hold up an overhanging roof for a porch or entryway.

2. Column Wrap – is a material that is used to conceal or wrap structural supports that are themselves not decorative. Typically used to create a better aesthetic than something like a wood column (as seen below). 

A contractor positions a PVC column wrap around an existing structural support for a commercial location.

Column wraps are used to conceal unsightly structural supports

3. PVC – stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a synthetic plastic polymer becoming more popular in today’s building materials due to it's aesthetic appeal, cost effectiveness, and low maintenance requirements.

4. Cellular PVC – is a more specific type of PVC in which small air pockets are present throughout an extrusion. Cellular PVC acts similar to wood in that it can be nailed, drilled, and fabricated. These small air pockets do not affect the structural integrity of the extrusion. Most, if not all, PVC column wraps are constructed with cellular PVC.

5. Yellowing – is the process of certain plastic polymers turning a yellowish color due to UV light exposure. For certain plastic polymers, the yellowing effect is common, but high quality PVC, such as the type used in most PVC column wraps, will not have this issues

6. LRV – stands for Light Reflective Value. This is a scale for a color’s reflective value from 0-100, with a lower value (ex. Black) meaning the color absorbs more light. A typical PVC column wrap will have an LRV of 55 or higher in order to reflect light, keeping it from deforming the column from extended exposure.  

7. PVC Glue – is an adhesive that is commonly used to connect two pieces of PVC together. Depending upon the type used, PVC Glue takes between 15 mins and 4 hours to harden, but most installers will let it set overnight to ensure a tight hold before excess is cleaned off.

8. Miter Joint – is created by cutting each of two parts to be joined across the main surface, in order to form a corner. These are used in some manufactured PVC Column Wraps and also the main way "homemade" PVC column wraps are created

9. Deburring – is the process of clearing debris and burrs from a material’s edge and is a requirement for achieving a clean seam on a mitered joint.

10. Craftsman Style – is a square tapered column wrap profile that has gained in popularity due to its unique style, especially for use on pedestal mounts.

Craftsman style PVC column wraps on a residential house during the summer

Craftsman Style PVC column wraps have gain in popularity

11. Woodgrain Finish – is a textural finish for PVC column wraps that mimics the look and feel of wood while maintaining the positive qualities of PVC.

12. Matte/Smooth Finish – is a textural finish for PVC column wraps that provides a simple, clean look.

13. Snap-Tite™ Locking – is a patented design unique to the new Superior Aluminum Snap-Tite™ PVC column wrap that allows the column staves to lock together without the need for PVC Glue or any adhesives to bind them together. This new design saves significant time and hassle on the jobsite as well as eliminating the need for additional adhesive material, creating mitered joints, or deburring said joints.

Image detailing how Superior's Snap-Tite PVC Columns connect together

Snap-Tite™ PVC Column Wraps use a patented locking design


Still scratching your head about PVC Column Wraps? Perhaps you are interested in learning more about how to go about obtaining some for yourself? Check out our PVC Column Wrap Page for more info on columns and feel free to contact us to learn more or move forward with getting your own PVC Column Wraps!

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