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Close up of Series 9H Horizontal Railing on a Multi-Family Building Balcony

Railing and Multi-Family Buildings

  •   Posted on July 27, 2021

How did railing and multi-family buildings become a perfect and unexpected match?

Multi-family demand and investments have been steadily increasing over the past 10 years, going from a $17 billion dollar industry to a projected $148 billion in 2021* in the US. In this ever-expanding industry, where does railing fit in?

Desired Amenities

Multi-family buildings, whether apartments, condos, or townhomes in the past 10 years typically have demonstrated their own style, amenities, and finishes that make them unique. However, something that is consistently in demand in the majority of these dwellings is the balcony.

A balcony allows someone living in an area with limited greenspace to still be able to enjoy the outdoors. Once balconies on apartment and condo buildings became the standard, railing was quick to follow. For obvious safety reasons, any balcony is going to require railing which ties the multi-family industry and the railing industry together.

Multiple balconies featuring series 9000 aluminum railing on a multi-family buildingRailing enables multi-family buildings to feature private balconies


The Superior Difference

So, what can a Superior Aluminum railing system offer a large scale apartment complex that others cannot? Well, each Superior railing system is custom-assembled according to the jobsite dimensions. This greatly reduces (or eliminates) any field fabrication requirements, allowing for quick installation. In every construction environment, time is money. This is especially true toward the end of the project which is when the railing is being installed. Superior Aluminum offers factory-trained installers in many localities, to help the general contractor or developer purchase a turnkey installed solution, freeing up their personnel to work on other critical “punch list” items at the tail end of the project. Additionally, Superior Aluminum offers a wide array of aluminum railing options from traditional picket railing and pipe railing, to cable railing, and even horizontal railing, allowing any job to have the perfect option for their specific vision.

Series 9H horizontal aluminum railing featured on balconies at a multi-family building.

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*SourceCBRE Group

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