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Fence - creating the perfect barrier. Background image showing Series 7 aluminum fence enclosing a baseball diamond.

Fence - Creating the Perfect Barrier

  •   Posted on September 23, 2021

Creating the perfect barrier, is it really that difficult?

What goes into the decision-making process when choosing a fence system? Are there really that many choices? Join us as we take a quick look into some of the key elements in making the perfect decision for protecting your prized area.


So, you know you need a fence, great! Now what? As previously discussed in our Railing vs Fence blog, fence is an upright barrier to enclose an area of ground to control access. However, to make the perfect barrier, you to know a little more than the bare bones definition, you need to know specifics. For example, is this fence going around a swimming pool, a backyard, a private area? Does it need tight barriers at the bottom to keep animals in or out? Is a gate needed for access? If you want a private enclosed area, it would be much better to choose something like Series 9P Aluminum Privacy Fence vs. a more traditional picket fence like Superior’s Series 7000 Aluminum Picket Fence. These key details help decide elements of the fence and what does, or does not, need to be included.

Series 7 three line fence around a pool        7P Privacy Fence encloses an area to keep it secure and hidden.

Knowing the right application can drastically change what type of fence will be chosen.


Now that we know how our fence will be used, we need to decide on design. Because of the numerous possible uses for a fence system, numerous design styles are offered to ensure the right fit. From speared pickets, to ornamental post caps, all the way to determining the number of horizontal lines, fence customization is nearly limitless. In fact, for Superior’s Series 7000 Aluminum Picket Fence, there are 12 different design options to start with and further customization available within each. By having so many design options, a personal touch can be made on any project.

One of multiple fence designs.  One of multiple fence designs.  One of multiple fence designs.

Multiple fence designs can be chosen from to create the perfect barrier

Why It Matters

By knowing the various options of a fence system, you can create your ideal barrier. Sure, you can always go with the cookie-cutter solution and look like everyone else. Otherwise, instead of a Plain-Jane look, you can take an ordinary fenced in area and make it extraordinary by knowing a few key details ahead of time!

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