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Pipe railing surrounding a water treatment plant illustrating one of many project varieties quotable via the get a quote tool

Wait, I Can Easily Get a Railing Price Now?

  •   Posted on April 19, 2019

For years getting a project into Superior’s railing quotation process was potentially mysterious and complex, but that is no longer the case.

In the past, getting a quote from Superior Aluminum meant knowing the right people to contact, or waiting awhile for the right people to process your plans. Now, thanks to the new Superior Aluminum Railing Quote Tool, your request can be quickly received and the quotation process begins more efficiently.


Superior Aluminum railing comes in numerous shapes, styles, and sizes. As is the case with any product, aluminum railing or otherwise, each slightly different aspect of the product can produce a big difference in price. Due to the custom nature of most Superior Aluminum projects, a unique quotation must often be generated.

Be it for porch railing, stair railing, railing for an apartment building, deck railing, or any other use, each fully custom railing system is unique. Different mounting options, heights, finishes, and even installation methods can shift the final rate needed for your project to secure a beautiful custom railing solution.

Four examples of the different varieties of aluminum railing quotable via the railing quote tool

Each of these projects required a unique quotation process


The new Railing Quote Tool link can be found on the top of every Superior Aluminum webpage, and also can be reached by clicking the link on any individual product page. The tool works in the same way as most online contact forms. We simply require some basic contact information to get started (and for you to get your quote).

From there, we need to know some information about your project:

  • Project type – This helps us to know that we have all the info we need for that specific project type and allows us to ensure we plan for building code compliance
  • Residential or Commercial – Useful in determining if selected options are applicable
  • Company name and project name – Assists with the management of your quote throughout the process
  • Railing Series, finish, and mounting style – Helps the team develop the most accurate quote

After this form is filled out, we require some type of image or sketch of the project with measurements in order to complete the quote. This can be a simple sketch, a scanned picture of the area in question with measurements, or the full project plans. More info can be found in our best practices guide.

A view of different methods of submitting quotation dimensions

A photo with dimensions or a simple sketch are two methods of submitting measurements


After completing the form, your submission will go to the Superior Aluminum quotations team. Generally, the team will turn your submission into a quote within 3-5 business days. At that time, you can expect to receive your price from a local partner in your area.

If you have any questions or would like more information before obtaining your next railing quote, feel free to contact us online or at 937-526-4065!


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